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Jim Tackett April 23, 2014 at 01:25 PM
Keith, if I didn't run my own business 16 hours a day, I'd have more time to come to meetings andRead Morevo lunteer. For now, the best I can offer is occasional posts I squeeze out on my phone between client meetings and onsite work. What I have to offer is a few ideas, research and opinions that I hope just might help drive the conversation. It will be up to those who are in the spotlight to collate and put out these ideas to the public. If the AJC or Bizjournals is going to interview someone, it will be a cityhood leader. Put out the ideas -- as a beacon -- and that is what will bring the needed volunteers to the table. They need a reason to get involved though. Cityhood as a concept is "change", and not always for the better as we've seen, so many are rightfully skeptical. But if the clarion call contains tangibles, that's compelling. I truly regret that I don't have the hours in the day to donate. But I'll donate cash to any group that puts out the right ideas I can stand behind.
Ralph April 23, 2014 at 02:03 PM
Jim - Even if we form a city, 80 per cent or more of our property taxes will still be going toRead MoreDeKal b. We will only transfer 20 per cent of what we are now paying to a city instead of the county. My point is that forming a city will not get us very far away from the corruption of the county. We still need to work on the county government also. As to your point about not starting with LCA v. Briarcliff - a movement toward a city requires "self appointed leaders" who will be replaced by elected mayor and city council once the city is formed. There is no one else right now to work with except LCA and Briarcilff and Tucker 2014. Those are the groups leading and the ones that will have to agree or nothing will happen.
Jim Tackett April 23, 2014 at 02:20 PM
You may be missing my point, Ralph. If we start by getting PR/press on the tangible improvementsRead Morefor N Druid Hills that a city could bring to this area, the citizens here will isntantly open their ears. And many will get involved. It's a fact--you reach people in their pocketbook, or backyard. People will remain complacent and detached until you start talking real improvements only a city could help us achieve at this point. Once we rally the population around solid ideas, the organizations that will help drive it will organically build. And right now, only COBI shows the flexibility to let that happen to, being theyre the only ones publicly trying to get a coalition here.
Openfernbankforest April 23, 2014 at 08:50 PM
@ Virginia and Marjorie I think it is time that we all stop swallowing what is told to us, without Read Morefirst stopping to think about the situation. This whole business on invasive species is very suspicious. 1. Did these invasive species become man-eating plants of some sort that the public can't walk a trail. 2. If the public cannot be in the general vicinity while the work is going on, then what exactly are they doing? The work is supposed to preserve the Forest, so they are not supposed to do any dangerous work that would involve removing trees or even spraying chemicals. 2a. If they really are removing all these plants, then wouldn't be it be a perfect PR opportunity? 3. About the AJC article, that was a fluff piece interviewing a man that was PAID to give advice on restoring the Forest. What exactly do you think he would say? 4. Fernbank Forest is in the middle of one the biggest sprawling cities in the US. Removing invasive species in 69 acres is a near impossible job. My experience removing bamboo, privet, and english ivy is that it is very, very difficult, and it has to be kept up. 5. How are they going to keep out all the birds, wind, and runners that bring in invasive plants? As far as I know force fields have not been invented yet. 6. Deepdene is much smaller and is not all wooded. It contains a playground and soccer field. When you think about there is no reason to close down a Forest and only allow limited access IF you pay regular museum entrance. The Forest was preserved to inspire conservation and to teach. How is that supposed to happen with it is closed?
Marjorie April 23, 2014 at 10:03 PM
You admit that removing invasives is a huge project, yet you don't support having anyone payRead Moreadmissi on to help keep this project alive. As far as Deepdene: there is no longer a soccer field there, and even when there was, the park is 22 acres. A single soccer field doesn't take that much real estate. You can go on a several mile walk from Deepdene (which belongs to Fernbank Inc.) to the woods around the Frazier Center. And Deepdene shows it is possible: they have removed most of the invasives there. If you really care about urban forests, one of the most important things you can do it eliminate ivy, privet, and wisteria on your own property.
Openfernbankforest April 23, 2014 at 11:44 PM
@ Marjorie Since you only responded to my #6 point, I'll only respond to that point. I commend the Read Morework done at Deepdene, I really do know how much work that is (BTW, how long was Deepdene park closed when all the invasive plants were pulled out? Was it fenced off, chained up? No people allowed?). You are right it is not an official soccer field even though DDYS has soccer practices in the "Meade" aka soccer field. You are incorrect the Forest is more than 3X larger than Deepdene park (not including the non-wooded areas), and I guarantee you I will find invasive species at the park, because it is near IMPOSSIBLE to remove all invasive plants AND keep them out in an urban setting. Nevertheless, I support removing invasive plants, but that is not the TRUE REASON the Forest was closed. I don't know know the real reason, only Fernbank, Inc. knows, but I do know it cannot possibly be because of invasive plants. That point is insulting to anybody who just thinks about it for a second. The whole point of this is to provide a place where young people will aspire to conserve our natural resources, this is even more important for young urban dwellers. It can't happen if the gates are locked.--regards OpenFernbankForest