Planning Healthy Pregnancies

With fall comes back-to-school, cooler temperatures, vividly colored foliage, and a higher rate of conception. That’s right – more babies are conceived in autumn than any other time of the year. Nine months of pregnancy may seem like a long time, but the many women who will be welcoming babies into the world next summer should start taking care of themselves now.


From taking care of their bodies to learning about labor and delivery, preparing for newborn’s first doctor visits and making sure there are enough diapers on-hand, there is a lot that goes into getting ready for a baby. Expectant moms in Georgia have access to a lot of help getting prepared.


“Our goal is to help pregnant mothers take good care of themselves and their babies,” said Dean Greeson, MD, chief medical officer for Peach State Health Plan. “Through education, community events and by providing access to prenatal care, we can help expectant moms have a healthy pregnancy.


Peach State hosts monthly community events such as baby showers to share information about prenatal and post-delivery care. Topics range from what to expect in the delivery room to how to care for your new baby. Mothers-to-be also receive free infant kits that include childbirth education magazines, breast pads, diapers, pacifiers, and other baby items.


And to help make sure mom and baby are as healthy as can be even after birth, there’s START SMART for Your Baby® ̶ a special program for pregnant women. Every woman should see a doctor as soon as they know they’re pregnant, and their baby will need to go to the doctor right after he or she is born for shots and health screenings. If moms go to all of their prenatal, postpartum and first well-baby visits, Peach State will give them a special gift to say thank you for taking good care of themselves and their babies!


To make sure moms are as healthy as can be during pregnancy, Peach State can also help with essential prenatal vitamins. Expectant moms should always take vitamins to give their babies extra nutrients. Pregnant women who are Peach State members can receive a free 90-day supply of prenatal vitamins simply by having their doctor fill out a short form.


Peach State supports the use of progesterone (17-P) for women who have had an early delivery in the past. Some studies show receiving shots can help reduce the risk of pre-term, or early, delivery. Peach State members are encouraged to talk to their obstetrician and discover if they could benefit from the use of progesterone.


To learn more about Peach State’s programs available for pregnant and new moms, or to see a list of upcoming community events, please visit pshpgeorgia.com


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