Hang in There, Georgia! Here's When to Turn Your Clocks Ahead

Almost time for clocks to spring ahead. Honest.

Daylight Saving Time 2014 is almost here. (Patch file photo.)
Daylight Saving Time 2014 is almost here. (Patch file photo.)
The winter that won't end is about to — end.

Symbolically, at least. And we'll take whatever we can get.

This year, clocks "spring ahead" on March 9, which, while not marking the official start of spring, does give us something to look forward to that doesn't have "Weather Alert" attached to it.

On Sunday, March 9, 2 a.m. becomes 3 a.m. as clocks are moved forward, marking the start of Daylight Saving Time 2014.

And then? Well, enjoy it while you can, because who knows what next winter will bring us? Daylight Saving Time ends on Nov. 2. 


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