Midtown's Ponce Triangle Plaza Opens Monday

Transformation of the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street part of a broader effort to create public gathering spots in Midtown.

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday afternoon, the completion of the Ponce Triangle Plaza capital improvement project is to be celebrated by Midtown residents along with city and local leaders.

The transformation of the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Peachtree Street into a signature plaza space was led by the Midtown Alliance in partnership with the City of Atlanta, and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The Ponce Triangle Plaza is the latest embodiment of Midtown Alliance’s broader effort to create public gathering spots, punctuating Peachtree St. with pocket parks, plazas and active uses to enhance the community and sense of place.

The nine-month capital improvement project was completed just in time for the start of the 100-year anniversary of The Ponce Condominium, which is located at the intersection at 75 Ponce de Leon Avenue. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony is set for 5:30 p.m. followed by refreshments at The Ponce. Want to stop by? E-mail debra@midtownalliance.org with your RSVP. The ceremony will also include holiday lighting provided by the Atlanta Botanical Garden – bringing the magic of the Garden Lights to more of Midtown.

Plaza highlights include:

  • Improved pedestrian amenities
  • Revitalization of the public art piece marking the turning point of the historic Peachtree-Ponce de Leon Springs trolley line, originally installed in celebration of the 1996 Olympics
  • The unearthing of original Atlanta streetcar trolley tracks, which inspired patterns for the new granite pavers

The plaza is just one portion of the Midtown Cityscapes project that is targeting creating a pedestrian-friendly Midtown community. With the financial support of the Midtown Improvement District (MID), the Midtown Alliance has embarked on a multi-year, $82 million public improvements program for ten major corridors, encompassing more than 25 miles of improvements.

The goals of Midtown Cityscapes are to improve sidewalk conditions and traffic flow, add lights and trees, create urban parks and green space, and promote pedestrian usage. An update on the capital improvements as supplied by the Midtown Alliance is attached with this article. Some of the future projects include:

  • Spring Street – Spring Street will receive over $1.9 million of grant funding as part of ARC’s Last Mile Connectivity Program. The funding will go towards Phase I of the project between Peachtree and 17th Streets, including pedestrian upgrades to the currently dangerous intersection at the Buford Highway ramp. The overall project includes a lane reduction, wider sidewalks, handicap upgrades, street trees and pedestrian lighting.
  • District-wide Pedestrian Safety Improvements – Also just awarded over $1.4 million as part of ARC’s Last Mile Connectivity Program, the project includes district-wide improvements to promote walkability, pedestrian safety and overall connectivity, including seven new traffic signals, new sidewalks and two-way conversions of key east-west streets.
  • Juniper Street – Juniper’s transformation into Midtown’s signature “green street” is funded with construction planned to start in late 2013. Last year it was announced that the project would receive a $3.4 million construction grant from the Atlanta Regional Commission. Embracing the principles of Greenprint Midtown, the project will implement a buffered dedicated bike lane, new sidewalks, lighting and sustainable stormwater improvements to the entire corridor between 14th Street and Ponce de Leon Avenue.
  • Bridge Enhancements at Peachtree Street (North end), 10th Street and North Avenue – The Midtown Alliance and its design teams are working with the Georgia Department of Transportation to explore various pedestrian and bicycle enhancements to these key gateway bridges.
Darin December 03, 2012 at 03:48 PM
That Spring Street project sounds great -- I've been hoping for a pedestrian upgrade to that strip for years. It'll be particularly helpful for the SCAD students who walk around there. Any timeline on that?
arctk2011tj December 03, 2012 at 05:23 PM
I wish they would focus on the architecture and planning related to these Peachtree Bridge projects rather than decorating the bridges with various sculptural railings. The bridges between Spring all the way up to 14th would be a parfect location for implementing a linear park that would induce development along what is now an interstate gulch.
Tammy December 03, 2012 at 05:44 PM
Capping the freeway with a park would be great if we can ever find the money. Other cities are doing it now. http://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/connecttheblocks
Hunt Archbold December 03, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Answers to questions from the Midtown Alliance: RE: 11th and 12th Streets between Peachtree/Piedmont - "Basic repairs will be done in 2013. Sidewalk repairs are the purview of the City of Atlanta. However, Midtown Alliance is committed to ensure we have a walkable, safe sidewalk environment. In the relatively short term, the City hopes to use bond funding for these type of expenses. Midtown Alliance has also set aside funds in our 2013 budget to provide for basic sidewalk repairs on 11th and 12th." RE: Spring Street project - "Construction would start 2014. This is a federally funded project that requires a local match, which has been committed by Midtown Alliance. The federal dollars for construction drawings and permitting comes available in June of 2013. The drawings and approval will take approximately 9 months if all goes smoothly."
Patch December 03, 2012 at 07:57 PM
Looks nice but with that homeless shelter just down the street, I have to agree with Richard that this park could become occupied by the wrong crowd. With landlords erecting fences on nearby vacant lots, these homeless are always looking for a new place to loiter, sleep, do or sell drugs, and pander. However, Fox will probably hire some cops to keep them out and not scare patrons. That said, something needs to be done with that Pine Street shelter ASAP.


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