'Cowboys and Aliens' Corrals Up Some Sci-Fi Fun

Slap on your chaps and put on your ten gallon hat. Get ready for a great Western that is out of this world!

James Bond star Daniel Craig forms an unlikely alliance with Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde in the sci-fi/Western genre mashup Cowboys and Aliens.

Craig plays an 1870s outlaw with amnesia who wakes up with a alien bracelet and figures out he can zap space monsters with the flick of a wrist. The monsters are bad and the cowboys are good. A classic western with an intergalactic twist.

John Favreu directs the move and, as an added bonus, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Brian Grazier have their hands all over it, making this a trailblazing future classic.

The CGI is great, the evil monsters are scary, but the human character and the acting is most memorable. Cowboys and Aliens may look like a strange combo, but it's not. The flick-0-meter gives this film a well deserved four out of five. It is an outrageous blending of two genres, a bit goofy, and at times even campy. … But it is golden. Once you see this film, you will know what I mean by that term.

Whip your phone out and take a picture, with your camera, and scan the funny looking QR code in the video. It will automatically direct you to an email addressed to me. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching this movie review for Cowboys and Aliens. For Patch, I'm Brett Martin. See you at the movies!

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