'Teen Wolf' Spotted in North Druid Hills

A new MTV television show, adapted from the popular Michael J. Fox movie, shot for several days inside the old DeKalb School of the Arts building.

The old DeKalb School of the Arts building on North Druid Hills Road could find its way onto your TV screen sometime next year.

MTV rented the recently shuttered high school building to shoot scenes for its forthcoming show Teen Wolf, a loose adaptation of the popular '80s comedy film starring Michael J. Fox. A large production crew shot at the location for several days in October, November and December, and the show will likely be back, said Karen Mason, an assistant location manager.

"At the end of the day the director and the production designer had a vision in their head of how the school would fit in the context of the series," she said.

The production paid the DeKalb County School System, which owns the property, $1,000 a day to rent the school, said Walter Woods, a district spokesman.

The show is scheduled to shoot in Georgia from now until March 4.

The 1985 film followed Fox as a high school student who, after discovering he inherited his father's werewolf genes, struggles to deal with the consequences, including super-human strength, razor-sharp fingernails and an excessive amount of body and facial hair. The movie, however, was a teen comedy.

MTV ordered 10 hour-long episodes, and the new show is said to be a darker drama, much more in the vein of current wolf- or vampire-themed entertainments such as the Twilight movies and True Blood, the HBO drama about vampires and werewolves, among other mythological shapeshifters, in a small Deep South town. MTV described it as "a sexy thriller set against the drama of high school life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core."

The show stars Tyler Posey as the teenaged werewolf. It is slated to premiere sometime next year.


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