The Naked Truth: This Mural is Quite Controversial

Living Walls mural of nude woman sparks debate in Chosewood Park.

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

In Chosewood Park, following the completion of a mural that was part of this year's Living Walls project, there's quite a lot to behold.

The artist Hyuro, an Argentinean-born street artist known for her stark, black and white depictions, painted this mural on the eastern wall of what had been the sprawling, 40-acre General Motors Lakewood Plant.

Her mural, located on the corner of Sawtell Avenue and McDonough Boulevard, depicts a nude woman in a series of stances. At one point she is clothed and as the viewer's eyes travel from left to right, she is seen disrobing with the black outfit itself transformed into a dog or wolf.

It's caused a bit of a row in Chosewood Park, with some residents thinking it too much to take in, given that it's near two churches and a masjid, and McDonough Boulevard is a schoolbus route.

Others see it as a bold and dramatic contrast for the part of Chosewood Park overshadowed by the massive United States Penitentiary that fronts McDonough Boulevard.

East Atlanta Patch received a number of calls this week from Southeast Atlanta residents — who were mainly divided about it.

On Thursday afternoon, a steady stream of motorists slowed to look or stopped long enough to snap a quick picture. Others parked on the crumbling sidewalk to walk up close and take it all in.

One motorist, who stopped for a quick glance, quipped, "You wouldn't find this in Buckhead," before driving off.

Art is subjective, of course, and no doubt, a mural of a nude woman was sure to spark debate.

But even abstract art depictions can cause a ruckus of words.

In July of last year, Inman Park residents debated the installation of a mural on a formerly graffiti-laden wall at the corner of .

In that case, as in the Chosewood Park controversy, some residents felt that they should have been consulted for their input before the mural went up.

What do you think of the mural? Do you like it, or no? Does it work for the neighborhood or is it a good thing that it is something that stands out?

Bellechatte August 25, 2012 at 02:30 PM
The mural is amazing. That the woman removes the wolf vs someone else removing the wolf is fascinating and meaningful, at least to me. (She makes the decision). There is a video of the mural that shows the art from beginning to end, but am uncertain where I saw it.
Jeffrey Landers August 26, 2012 at 05:03 PM
Umm, It's NOT on public streets. It's ON a privately owned wall.
mitch pro September 04, 2012 at 06:19 PM
well first off, DUDE sucks. cant tell if that is a chick or the singer from typo negative. and for the n-hood... yeah fix it with porn. as far as it being an expression of this and that blah blah blah SHUT UP! " when i see a homeless guy picking his nose i am sure he is just trying to tell all of us that if only he could get all the bad stuff out of his life, maybe then he would be whole... it is a NAKED-dude-chick that's it... no message just a crappy artist a crappy painting and sounds like a... nice place to raise drug addicted perverted prostitutes... or... someone with half a shred of decency get some black paint and a roller and put some black boxes over her or his sexual organ located in the lower abdominal area (but he/she gotz some nice BOOBIES)... hahaha so stupid... dude is from Spain, go paint in Spain... oh yeah there are naked people everywhere in Spain. you would get no attention there. it is cool. soon we will all have no morals and we will all act as the rest of the classless world! (the difference between us and the rest of the world is they do not know better, we know better but don't care, and why? because it is COOL)...just know soon i will have no pity left. we as people make up excuses and give reasons on why we should except stuff like this so we can show people we are understanding. but all we are truly saying is we understand nothing! no message just we have no understanding at all... and if you argue with this... wow that is all i can say.
Péralte Paul September 04, 2012 at 06:24 PM
Hey, Mitch, Hyuro, the artist, is a woman. While she lives in Spain, she's actually from Argentina.
Bruce September 06, 2012 at 08:57 PM
No, you would not find this in Buckhead because former Mayor Sam the Man and the Buckhead Community Improvement District (CID) helped get approval to Illegally spend $40 million of school money and $40 million of county money and no telling how much city, state and federal money for "The Streets of Buckhead." That was years ago and that mess is still there, not even a tenth completed after all these years. That's our money, and that's REALLY obscene!


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