Parents Say They'll Boycott Decatur Clinic

More than 200 people signed a petition criticizing CorrectMed because the pediatricians who used to work there were dismissed and can no longer practice in the immediate Decatur area. CorrectMed says it had to change the practice to succeed financially.

Two hundred twenty-two people have signed an online petitition pledging to boycott CorrectMed, a doctors' office and urgent care center on Scott Boulevard in Decatur.

Blair Glass, one of the signees, said parents were left in the lurch because the father-daughter pediatricians at CorrectMed, Drs. David Goo and Jessica Doyle, were dismissed with almost no warning. They can't work in the Decatur area because of a non-compete clause, Glass said.

"The anger is coming because of the way it happened," Glass said.

Patch sought comments in phone calls and sent emails from Dr. Carlo Musso, president of CorrectMed. John P. Ritter, director of marketing and business development, replied with this email to Patch.

CorrectMed is very pleased to continue to serve the Decatur community with both pediatric and family medicine. The original partnership that we began in order to open the clinic did not ultimately succeed financially, but fortunately we have been able to continue serving the community. 

The terrific doctors that started the practice with us are currently seeing patients in other locations. Our plan is continue to grow both the pediatric and adult practice, filling an important healthcare need of Decatur residents.

CorrectMed operates two clinics, one in Locust Grove and the next to Intown Ace Hardware on Scott Boulevard. Glass said parents and children appreciated the personalized care provided by Goo and Doyle as well as Goo's wife, Susan Doyle, a certified nurse-midwife.

"It was something different from what I'd seen in other practices," Glass said. "People really connected with them."

In early November, CorrectMed dismissed Drs. Goo and Doyle, apparently because the company changed the business model from pediatric care to all-ages care. In a message posted on the Eastlake Road Neighborhood website, Goo and Doyle said they didn't want to leave the practice.

Doyle said, "I was hoping to open a small practice in the area, but it seems that the non-compete clause in my contract will prevent me from working within a 10-mile radius of the office location for the next couple of years."

Doyle found a job with Pediatric Health Center of Conyers and Dunwoody. Glass, a mother of three kids, said she'll be making the drive when her kids need to see a doctor.

Musso is also president of CorrectHealth, a company that provides medical care in prisons. Musso has been criticized because of his involvement in executions, the Atlanta Journa-Constitution reported.

Dr. J December 14, 2012 at 10:56 PM
I am a pediatrician in Atlanta and I took my children to visit Drs. Goo and Doyle on numerous occassions. Dr. Goo reopened the doors of his office after-hours and treated my daughter for a life threatening illness. Dr. Goo is the physician that doctors took their kids to see for an urgent care issue. Musso should be ashamed of what he did to our community all for the bottom line. The worst thing about what he is doing is using adult trained ER physicians and pediatric NPs as a substitute for a board certified pediatric ER physician (Dr. Goo) and a board certified pediatrician (Dr. Doyle). Dr. Musso's new staffing model saves dollars (because both adult and pediatric patients are seen), but sacrifices quality at the expense of your child's health. Dr. Goo's primary reason for leaving the practice was because he refused to associate himself with a business that would sacrifice quality. Dr. Goo built that practice from seeing 3 patients/day to approximately 40-50/day in less than one year. But, apparently, that growth was not fast enough for Dr. Musso. Dr. Goo built that practice because with quality as his number one priority; and, quality is why their patient volume increased so quickly in the first year. Now, we will seek to take our children elsewhere. By enforcing the non-compete clause for Dr. Doyle, Dr. Musso is only hurting the local children in the region and denying them care from a quality pediatrician.
contented-NOT December 15, 2012 at 01:28 AM
GEES 40 to 50 a day sounds like a full pediatric practice (35 for adults); can't understand the logic of not expanding the practice with an ADDITIONAL physician that treats adults? It does not add up.
Donna December 21, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Correctmed still sees children.They just now see adults as well.
Missy December 24, 2012 at 03:56 PM
@Donna - the doctors currently at CorrectMed are not pediatricians. If they still had one on staff it would make them a more viable option.
Maria May 16, 2013 at 08:24 PM
I have had problems with Correct Med since Dr. Doyle and Dr. Goo. The new nurse practitioner is good but definitely not on the level of Doyle/Goo. Correct Med tried to give me some grief about getting my medical records. I am looking to find a new pediatrician.


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