Start Code Brings Computer Programming to Kids in Toco Hill

Scott Blanck runs computer classes in Toco Hill Shopping Center, teaching students how to create games and art while practicing critical thinking skills.

Think you're raising the next Bill Gates?

Scott Blanck's Start Code in Toco Hill might be able to help teach your child the fundamentals, according to a story last week in Neighbor Newspapers.

Blanck, a Decatur resident, runs a programming lab for kids out of The Music Class in Toco Hills Promenade.

From the story:

Students can create games, stories, music and art with friends while practicing problem-solving and critical thinking.

“We’re teaching kids real programming; we’re not dumbing it down … we don’t have to because it’s fun,” said Blanck. “My goal with Start Code is to help them see technology as a tool for creation and not just for consumption. Then, future options open up for them … because a large part of the workforce depends on that.”

Start Code’s programming labs are organized by age, coding tools and prior experience.

It sounds pretty cool. Read the rest of the story for more information.

Blanck also runs a cool tech blog on Start Code's site. His lab was recently sponsored by Adapt IP Ventures.


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