Coyote Spotted Off Shallowford Road

When it happened is unclear. It was "recent," according to the North Briarcliff Civic Association.

Back in March we wrote about coyotes in North Druid Hills and Decatur – a story that went regional.

It hasn't gone away either. The North Briarcliff Civic Association is reporting another coyote sighting near Sherbrooke and Nancy Lane. Here's an email that went out to association members this afternoon:

Another recent coyote sighting was near near Sherbrooke. Don't leave out garbage or food, and watch out for your smaller pets. Coyotes are seen more in daylight hours when raising young (looking for food) and during the summer. Seeing them in daylight hours does not mean they have rabies, but don't approach them. There's a good article in the NBCA newsletter - summer 2010.

"I just returned home from walking the dogs.  Coming toward Sherbrooke on Nancy Lane a coyote crossed the street about 100 ft in front of us.  I stopped and started going back toward Melinda since I thought it was unusual to see a coyote in broad daylight.  Since we were almost home on Sherbrooke, I stopped and looked back thinking that the coyote had gone through the vacant lot and back to the creek.  At that point I saw him/her going through the front yard on the other side of the vacant lot (their back yard is fenced).  That is the house that has the circular driveway and has vacant lots on both sides.   This coyote looked to weigh about 35-40 pounds."

NOTE: DeKalb County Animal Control does not respond to wild animal problems. They will refer you Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) at 678-418-1111. AWARE is a non-profit organization that specializes in wildlife education and rehabilitation. If you think that an animal is a danger to you and your family and should be removed from the area, you also have the option to hire your own licensed and insured animal removal service.

Leslie May 23, 2011 at 09:39 PM
Yes, about 6 months ago I saw one crossing Briarlake Road near Amberwood at 9:30pm.
Tom L. May 24, 2011 at 01:57 PM
My next door neighbor reported seeing three "german shepherd sized" coyotes May 19 at 10:45 pm in her back yard at the end of Tamarack Trail Tom Lockwood
Ellyce Kelly June 01, 2011 at 02:05 AM
Since Friday evening (May 27), I have encountered a coyote in our backyard and seen one in my neighbor's yard. We live on Bruce Road, located off of Briarcliff Road. The first encounter happened Friday around 9:20 pm. The coyote jumped my neighbor's 4 - 5 foot fence into my backyard. I was tending to my ferns on my deck, so we were both shocked to see one another. For a second or two, we just stood still and stared at each other. He took off towards the woods behind my house, and I took off after him. He scaled my fence (4') before I made it to the bottom of my deck stairs. Tonight (May 31), it was still light out (8:15 pm) when I heard something in the woods behind our house and walked to the fence to investigate. Our neighbor was outside with their dog, and I had a feeling it was a coyote making the noise. He did not flinch when he saw me until I rattled the chain-link fence. I checked to see if she got their dog in and then I went back towards our fence - he came right back - not too concerned about me being a threat. There is an abandoned house on Briarcliff Road - several of us believe there is a pack living in it. Our cats have seemed "cautious" in the am as of late - and not going out of our backyard for a week before Friday night's event. They have already adjusted to indoor life since Friday - after 5 and 14 years of coming and going during daylight hours - they seem to know their outdoor environment is just no longer an option.
Maureen June 01, 2011 at 03:06 PM
My dog and I spotted a coyote in the woods across the creek that runs behind my house back on the afternoon of May 7 (I posted it on the Fama Drive Facebook page). All I saw was the back of a grey, medium sized dog-like critter, but the head and ears weren't quite like a dog. It didn't even turn to look back at me, just kept strolling thru the woods like a walk in the park. It was headed in the directions where I've heard coyote yips and yelps several times before in the past year (there are several acres of dense woods between the upper stretches of Fama and Berkeley). Just something about the body movement of the animal told me it wasn't a dog.


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