The Week in Review

The top five stories from the previous week in North Druid Hills-Briarcliff Patch.

  1. Neighbor Shoots Burglary Suspect Fleeing Merry Hills Home: Among the more alarming crime stories I've written since I've been writing for this site (which is late 2010).
  2. Levitas Avoids Press Question Regarding Cityhood Position: Mr. Levitas disagreed in the comments section of this story that his comments (or lack thereof) merited a story. He said he's just one guy. I say he's a former state representative organizing community-wide meetings. So, yeah, technically he's a single human being, but still...
  3. Oak Grove Market Keeps Chicken Nachos Tradition: Nice writing in the Saporta Report highlighted in this post. Check it out.
  4. Intown Ace Hardware Sees Incoming Walmart as '800-Pound Gorilla': Some nice reporting from The Huffington Post on this mini-story within the larger North Decatur Walmart story. More on that this week.
  5. New Charter School to Hold Open Houses: I'm curious to see how this place goes. Also curious to see how many people show up to this thing.


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