The Week in Review

The top five stories from the last week in North Druid Hills-Briarcliff Patch.

  1. County Addresses North Druid Hills Road Construction: Expect more stories on this. And expect the congestion to get significantly worse.
  2. Gregg Allman Coming to Eagle Eye Book Shop in May: Pretty big get for . It'll be interesting to see how many fans this event attracts. A lot of people read the story in Patch and shared it on Facebook.
  3. Gay Residents: North Druid Hills is 'Convenient': Another year, another post about gay residents appreciating North Druid Hills. This would probably be more obvious if this community was organized in any way whatsoever.
  4. Lakeside Principal: Freshmen, Sophomores Must Apply to Attend Prom: Honestly, I figured this would be a larger story. Then we sent a reporter to that meeting, and I realized only 15 freshmen and sophomores go to the prom, which seems low to me (at least when compared to my own high school experience). Oh, well. It seems has figured out a solution that works for them. Good for them.
  5. Crime Blotter, March 10-15: Not a great No. 5. Somewhat of a slow week. But you guys love crime stories. Fortunately, it was a pretty slow week for crime in the immediate North Druid Hills area (at least according to the county's crime map [and I occassionally wonder if that thing is as up to date as it should be... ]). Two crimes in the Blotter this week.


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