Viewfinder: Congregation Bet Haverim's Menorah Lighting

The congregation came together for dinner and then lit a wide variety of menorahs.

Congregation Bet Haverim celebrated Hanukkah on Dec. 14 with a latke dinner followed by the lighting of many different menorahs from the community, some more traditionally-shaped and some more contemporary. Here are some pictures of the lighting.

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david December 19, 2012 at 06:05 PM
According to the article, the menorahs were lit following dinner NOT before. I hope that this was not true. Otherwise, the lighting of the menorahs occurred once the Holy Sabbath had begun. Celebration of Hanuka was a creation of the Rabbis (Pharisees) to celebrate once the Jews, who had been living peacefully in their homeland (Palestine), repelled the mighty Greek army. But to guard/keep/honor the Holy Sabbath is the 4th of the Ten Commandments uttered by the Al-Mighty, a thousand years earlier. Throughout the ages, the Jewish People never lit menorah candles after sundown on Friday evenings and never lit them on Saturday nights before at least 3 stars appeared in the darkened skies. And for that matter, the Sabbath candles are always lit prior to sundown on Friday afternoon, never afterward. Thus there is no fulfilling a Rabbinical mitzvah while desecrating G-d's mitzvah. Those little colorful candles are weekday Hanuka candles - that burn the required 30 minutes into night. However, the desired Flame, is from Olive Oil. Thus, Friday nights of Hanuka, Jews use olive oil that burns for several hours or larger/longer candles that burn for hours. These kosher-for-Sabbath-Hanuka-'candles' are readily available at Jewish book stores such as Judacia Corner or in Krogers or Publix. Some Jewish communities attempt to express their 'jewishness' but miss the depth and meaning of the holiness the Jewish way of life. Hanuka is service to G-d's Word, not to man's.


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