Weekend Planner

Want to know what's going on in the neighborhood this weekend? Patch let's you know.

It’s Friday, and you’ve got no idea what you’ll do for the weekend.

Patch is coming to the rescue. We’ve got the best bets for your done-work-outta-here time. Check our picks for the activities to hit and new bars/restaurants/shops to explore.

  1. When/Where
    : Funtime Bowling, 3285 Buford Highway, Atlanta, from 8pm - 3am Friday
    Why Go: Again, because you enjoy the cosmos and you enjoy bowling, and the guy who owns this place was wise enough to jam them together and welcome you to that experience.

  2. When/Where
    : , during regular operating hours Friday - Sunday
    Why Go: Have you seen photos of Lincoln? The guy's face screams, "Hey, it's Friday night." Plus, it's supposed to be a cool exhibit traveling the country.

  3. When/Where
    : from 11am - 6pm Saturday
    Why Go: Used books have never been cheaper (mostly because they're creeping toward extinction).
    : AMC North DeKalb Mall 16. See site for showtimes.
    Why Go: It's the summer. It's a blockbuster. It is your solemn duty to see this movie.

  5. When/Where
    : during normal business hours
    Why Go: Metro Atlanta kids can't afford school supplies sometimes. If you're the stereotypical mom or dad from these parts, your kids are probably using their highlighters as neon Lincoln Logs. (I speak from personal experience.) Give back.


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