Election Day is Tuesday; Find Your DeKalb Polling Place Here

Voters may view sample ballots online before visiting the polls.

Today is Election Day in Georgia. Patch file photo.
Today is Election Day in Georgia. Patch file photo.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

On Election Day, voters should report to their assigned polling place to cast their ballot. Voters are encouraged to verify their precinct information. It is possible that residents' polling places may have changed recently due to redistricting.

If you did not have a voter registration card or need to verify your precinct, you may contact the DeKalb County Elections office at 404-298-4020.  Voters may also find their assigned poll using their address and DeKalb County's online Polling Place locator. 

Voters may view sample ballots online before visiting the polls. 

If you voted by Absentee Ballot, your ballot must be turned in by 7 p.m. on Election Day.  

In Georgia, primary elections are generally Partisan Primaries. When participating in a Partisan Primary, voters will be asked to indicate their party of choice. They will be provided with a ballot that will include: (a) candidates affiliated with the party of their choice; and (b) nonpartisan candidates. They will not see candidates of the party they did not select.

Do I have to register with a party to participate in the primary?
No. Voters do not have to "register" with a party before Election Day. Simply indicate the party of choice to the poll worker or on the absentee ballot application.

Why do I have to choose a party?
In Georgia, the law does not allow any voter to participate in the primary election of more than one political party. Therefore, voters participating in the Primary must choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot, or a nonpartisan ballot.

What political parties are recognized for partisan primary elections?
Georgia law recognizes two parties for partisan primary elections: Democratic and Republican.

What if I want to vote, but don't want to choose a party?

Voters may request a Nonpartisan ballot. A nonpartisan ballot does not include candidates who are affiliated with any political party. It will include only nonpartisan races, such as judicial or school board races.

Does my party choice during the primary affect how I can vote during the General Election?
Party choice during the primary does not affect a voter's choices during the General Election. During the November General Election, voters may select any candidate on the ballot, regardless of party.

I voted for one party during the primary. May I switch to the other party during a run-off election?
No.  If you vote during one party's primary election, you may only participate in that party's run-off. Voters may not switch parties for a run-off election.

I didn't vote during the primary, may I participate in the run-off?
Yes. If you don't vote in the Primary, you have not yet selected a party preference and may vote in either party's run-off.

If I vote in the nonpartisan election during the initial voting, may I participate in a party runoff?
Yes. If you vote nonpartisan during the initial election, then you have not yet chosen a party. This means that you are eligible to participate in either party's primary run-off


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