Briarcliff Cityhood Meeting 4/22

Cityhood Legislative Recap Tues, 4/22, 7:00pm at Briarcliff United Methodist Church (4105 Briarcliff Rd NE).
Cityhood Legislative Recap Tues, 4/22, 7:00pm at Briarcliff United Methodist Church (4105 Briarcliff Rd NE).
We think your cityhood opinion should matter. Meet and greet Tues 4/22 at 7:00pm... Briarcliff United Methodist Church (4105 Briarcliff Rd NE).

- Why didn't any cities pass?
- What's holding back cityhood?
- How can the community unite?

Briarcliff United Methodist Church
4105 Briarcliff Rd NE
Tues, 4/22 at 7pm

Be a Cityhood Founder:
This is a message you'll hear at our event Tuesday, April 22nd. The best experts about our area are reading this message right now. It's you and your fellow neighbors.

We hope you consider taking a roll of being a founder. Being a founder can occur in various forms and commitments. We have a unique opportunity to do cityhood the right way. To do it in a way that will unite us and ensure that our community continues to prosper for years to come and lifts up the surrounding areas.

What to Expect on Tues 4/22:
For those that attend the Tues 4/22 meeting we'll cover what happened in the past legislative session. Keep in mind no cities passed the legislative session and therefore no cities are eligible to be voted on.
  • Now is the time... to reaffirm how our area wants to define cityhood.
  • Now is the time... to cease being a divided community.
  • Now is the time... to unite around common goals and themes.

Tom Doolittle April 28, 2014 at 11:13 PM
Dawn has a list of questions--gotta file these somehow. Again, I recommend everyone go to May 8 Northlake Community Alliance meeting at Briarlake Baptist (7:00)
Ralph April 29, 2014 at 11:43 AM
Townships are something we have never had in Georgia, and most of us don't understand them or how they work. Getting such legislation passed does not sound like anything that is likely to get passed. Appears to me we are stuck in unincorporated DeKalb County for the forseeable future. None of the groups have shown any indication that they are willing to compromise and agree on boundaries.
Jim Tackett April 29, 2014 at 12:21 PM
This is true for Lakeside and Tucker, who are both very zealous and uncompromising on their borders. COBI on the other hand is very flexible--wanting to let the community--not the self-picked leaders--choose the appropriate map. Quote from their FB page regarding boundaries: "The only thing that is hard and fast is the borders of the existing cities. We definitely stop at I-85, where it abuts Chamblee, Brookhaven, and Atlanta! We want to talk to everyone who was within our original scope and get feedback about their current objectives. We have not formalized any maps at this point.
Tom Doolittle April 29, 2014 at 01:15 PM
I wrote at one time that it would be wise to view "City of Lakeside" as more of a story or theme than an actual city until the community had had the time to get used to the idea. http://northdruidhills.patch.com/groups/tom-doolittles-blog/p/bp--lakeside-city-is-not-necessarily-a-city-of-lakeside Now that the reasons no city proposal went forward are becoming clear (hopefully they'll get clearer--you can now add that question to the broad conversation) I say the same thing now for any group with a city idea--large or small--consider yourselves a theme, not an actual city.
Ralph April 29, 2014 at 05:53 PM
I was at the Briarcliff meeting. All I heard was anger toward LCA and Tucker 2014. Not much toward any compromise in changing the boundaries. Going outside 285 a real adament no. And a no towards getting outside Emoryl- blame it on the computer.


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