Regional author shares story of surviving child abuse

Shattered: A Child’s Journey Through Hell

My spirit was shattered by the time I was four years old. Beatings and verbal abuse were a normal part of life for me. By the time I understood what death was, there was no doubt in my mind that if Mother could have killed me and gotten away with it she would have done so. But the abuse didn't stop with her, two of my brothers decided that I was their personal sexual plaything. I had no one to turn to, nowhere to run. This is my story of survival.

Auburn, GA –  Georgia resident Lori Choman has self-published her first novel.  After being prompted by her daughter to write the story of her abusive childhood, she accepted the challenge. Her book, “Shattered: A Child’s Journey Through Hell” is available in both paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.  
After being told for years that she should write her story of survival, Lori found the courage to relive the years of abusive suffered at the hands of someone she knew as her mother. She hopes that through the book she can offer others some insight to abusive homes and signs that might be overlooked otherwise. It is her hope that by telling her story, another child might be saved from suffering the same fate she endured.
While the initial release was in July, the book has been receiving critical acclaim from its readers. One reader writes “The author does an excellent job of relaying to the audience her thoughts and feelings as a small child trying to understand the events in her life and why she was targeted. She explained how she, in her child's mind, tried to understand and reason why things were this way. What did she do to deserve this treatment and what could she do to correct it? Unfortunately, it was completely out of her hands.”
For a low price of $7.99 for the paperback and $2.99 for the Kindle version, Shattered is available on Amazon.com. Lori is available for book signings, interviews and public readings. The paperback is also available to order through Barnes and Noble. 
About the AuthorLori Choman is chaser of dreams and has been inspiring others to chase theirs since her daughter was born. Since retiring a few years ago, she spends most of her time improving herself and her home. She finally settled down in your typical small town in Georgia after living all over the country.For more information about Shattered: A Child’s Journey Through Hell, please visit http://www.lorichoman.com or contact Lori Choman via email at lori.l.choman@gmail.com.


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