"There's a dark cloud that remains over Dekalb County" -B. Ellis

In case you missed it... On December 20th, local radio station WAOK welcomed special "guest host" Vernon Jones interviewing Burell Ellis. You can listen to the hour long conversation in your "free" time by following this link: 

Some notable quotes from the interview:
“But there’s a dark cloud that remains over DeKalb County until that day when I return to office,” Ellis said. “We need to go ahead and remove that cloud and I’m looking forward to that.”

His thoughts on his legal issues: “I would never violate their (people of Dekalb County) trust,” he said. “It’s a sacred trust."

His thoughts on cityhood he is: “against what amounts to a resegregation and a separation of a community that is known for its diversity.”
".. this is about the syphoning of resources away from county government."*

*Of note Lee May says essentially the same thing in the AJC on Jan 02.
And don't forget this zinger: “My vision for DeKalb County was that the people’s priority would be the priority of their local government,” he said. “The people’s priority is not to change the government."

Enter Vernon Jones notables here:
“There are good people in this county who are being separated by those who are playing on their fears and they are dividing us,” Jones said. “[With] the creation of these new cities, you’re literally seeing government being bleached. They’re literally creating White cities, putting White communities against south DeKalb.

“It’s now gotten to the point where you want to do independent school systems for each of these cities. It’s like it’s resegregation all over again.”

Well Mr Jones, Yogi Berra couldn't have said it any better....

I support the cityhood efforts of Briarcliff, Lakeside and Tucker.. It is time for a change folks... we can't continue to live like this.


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