Burglars Return to Briarcliff Home for Seconds

The first burglary occurred Jan. 18. The second happened Jan. 22.

Burglars apparently returned to a Doreen Court home near Lakeside High School for a second time last week after first hitting the home earlier this month, according to the North Briarcliff Civic Association.

From a post the association sent out to members Tuesday:

Home Burglary on Doreen Court, Atlanta GA - 1/18/2012. Entry gained through rear window. Alarm system malfunction and master bedroom was ransacked. Jewelry and other sundry items taken. Police feel UPS delivery scared intruders and they left before further items could be taken. Intruders attempted to gain entry again on 1/22/13; however, alarm prevented further destruction.

Be Observant.   Call 911 if you see suspicious activity on or around your property or a neighbor's property!!!!

This also happened late last year in the Sargent Hills neighborhood in North Decatur.

Herman Lorenz January 30, 2013 at 12:44 PM
A few years ago a student gang broke in a third floor window and stole a bunch of things, including a sword from our house. They knew they only about 20 minutes before the police would arrive, so they left. They came back the next day, but I took the other sword to work with me. And my wife took all of her jewelry. So they completely trashed the house.


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