Increase in Holiday Crime?

The North Briarcliff Civic Association wants to alert residents to a few incidents in the area recently.

The North Briarcliff Civic Association sent a note out to residents Thursday night alerting them of an increase in holiday crime (based on what they've seen on Crimemapping.com).

They also included a few details about incidents in our area – though not necessarily in North Briarcliff – that are worth noting.

Here they are:

Below are some additional incidents that have been shared in the general area but not specific to the NBCA neighborhood....

12/2/12 Break-in on Chesterfield Drive.  Computers, electronics and Christmas gifts were taken.

12/02/12 at 3:00am in the Toco Hills area.  White Male, early 30s with dark brown hair and brown eyes with a Southern accent knocked on  front door. He claimed to be a police officer checking because there were reports of break-ins in the neighborhood.  When asked for ID he showed the back of his driver's license.  Continued to insist on coming in.  Homeowner told him they were calling the police and he ran off.

12/5/12  at 10:00 am in 2000 block Winding Woods Drive. Home burglarized.  Kitchen door kicked in. Carport entry not visible from street.  Alarm sounded.  So far TV and jewelry are known to be taken.   Police are investigating in conjunction with a call from Henderson Road of a suspicious white van marked "Pollution Solutions".  Please call 911 if you see a vehicle fitting that description.

Over the last week, there have been a sporadic number of auto break-ins and thefts in the Toco Hill area and the Medlock and Laurel Ridge areas. Some burglaries too. No armed robberies that I'm aware of since the Thanksgiving weekend when one occurred on Lawrenceville Highway just north of Shamrock Plaza.

Leah Salby December 07, 2012 at 01:03 PM
I have a Mossberg. They try me and I will blow them out of their shoes!
Khris Kramer December 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Or steal it when you're not home.


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