Kid Vandals Causing Problems in North Briarcliff Area

Incidents from BB shots to broken outdoor lights have frustrated residents, according to the North Briarcliff Civic Association.

The North Briarcliff Civic Association sent out an email this morning to residents that discussed recent vandalism problems in the "Lower Cravey" area.

From the email:

The last few months, we’ve seen vandalism on the rise in the Lower Cravey area of NBCA.  Incidents vary from bb shots through windows to outdoor lights smashed with a bat to other types of petty vandalism and some animal issues, and it seems to be escalating.   These are incidents caused by teens, but it’s gone beyond the ‘kids will be kids’ stage of activity.  Neighbors are upset and have had encounters with kids on skateboards and bikes, ages 10-16, particularly in one group, and police have been involved.

Some kids have been seen running away from what appeared to be property damage – some have had a pretty bold attitude -  and there has been a chain of encounters between neighbors and kids and police to try to stop this behavior.  When two boys were picked up way after curfew – a neighbor called 911 because they were so loud – the police took the kids home.  Their parents had no idea they weren’t in their bedrooms.

Frequently, what starts small, grows bigger and bad behavior is no exception.


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