Man Held at Gunpoint, Beaten and Robbed

Police planning charges of simple battery, armed robbery and false imprisonment in the Monday incident, which occurred in Tucker east of North Druid Hills.

A shirtless man jumped into the back seat of a car that was stopped in traffic and put a gun to the driver's head Monday afternoon, DeKalb County police said.

The man driving the car was then forced to go to an apartment where he was beaten, stripped, and robbed, the police report said.

The incident began on Montreal Road in Tucker, just east of North Druid Hills. Brandon Hollar, the driver, was told to drive to an apartment complex on Memorial College Avenue in Clarkston, where his attacker and three accomplices - another man and two women - made him take off his clothes to prevent him from escaping. He was told that if he tried to escape, he would be killed.

The two men then punched him in the head repeatedly until Hollar gave them the pin number to his bank card. Two of the suspects then went to an ATM and obtained an unknown amount of money from Hollar's account, the report stated.

When they returned, Hollar was given his identification and car keys and told to leave. They kept his cell phone and bank card.

Hollar, who suffered minor injuries, was able to provide some descriptions of the four suspects. They remain at large, but police hope to bring charges of simple battery, armed robbery, and false imprisonment against them.


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