Neighborhood Watch: Man Tried to Abduct Child at Bus Stop Near Lakeside

The child was waiting at a bus stop for Henderson Middle School on Flemington Street near the high school when the attempt occurred Wednesday morning.

A child was nearly abducted while waiting for the bus near on Wednesday morning, the North Briarcliff Civic Association said.

The attempt occurred on Flemington Road in the Meadowcliff neighborhood as the child was waiting for a bus to .

From an email the association sent to members:

Today, this incident was reported by a nearby Neighborhood Watch. Meadowcliff is south of Echo Lake on the lake side of Briarcliff.  The incident took place at a bus stop for Henderson Middle. Please be aware of this situation and the individual mentioned,  and see bus stop safety tips below this message.

Here's the message:

Meadowcliff Neighbors -

As some of you have heard, there was an attempted child abduction this morning at the school bus stop on Flemington, a couple streets over off of Briarcliff.  The report is a black male in an older model Toyota who stopped, got out of his car, and tried to lure a young boy to go with him.

Thank you for your continued vigilance, and as always call 911 immediately if you have reason to be suspicious of someone or something happening in the neighborhood.


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