North Briarcliff Community Alerted to Car Break-Ins

Two break-ins, one on Sylvan Ramble, the other in Bradford Square, have occurred in the last week.

Two cars have been broken into within a week in the North Briarcliff community, and items were stolen, according to its civic association.

One occurred on Sylvan Ramble, and the other happened two nights ago in Bradford Square.

The association gave its residents tips to help keep you from becoming a victim:

- Close and lock all vehicle entry points, at all times.
- Take all valuables out of vehicle, at all times. That includes GPS, phone, phone accessories, spare change, laptop, briefcase, shopping bags, etc.
- Report all suspicious persons, vehicles, and behavior to police by calling 911 at the time when the activity is observed.

Got any other tips? Let our readers know in the comments section below.


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