Two Criminal Incidents at Target

At Target, a man attempted to return items he hadn't purchased and three others broke in but didn't take anything on Christmas morning, DeKalb County police said.

Item returns fraud at Target

A man took items he hadn't purchased and tried to return them for cash at Target on Dec. 23, police said.

The man was in the store at about 5:20 pm and took three items from the housewares section of the store, then went to the customer service desk. He took out an old receipt that matched the items he chose and tried to return them for cash. He was able to return two of the items, but then he was stopped by store loss prevention officers. He apologized to the officers and told them that he just needed extra money for Christmas, returning the money he'd received. However, he was taken to county jail.

Christmas Day burglary at Target

Three men broke glass doors at Target and got inside but didn't take anything on Dec. 25, police said.

A security guard observed the incident around 5 am. Three suspects broke the glass with bricks and were able to get into the store. However, they left soon after and did not have any items. The police called in a canine unit to search the entire store but did not find the suspects there. Nothing was reported stolen.

The three suspects are described as a black male wearing a grey hoodie with a hat under it and blue jeans, a male of unknown race wearing a red hoodie with stripes and khaki pants and a male of unknown race wearing a red hoodie with a circular logo on it and dark pants. All three were also wearing gloves. They left in a red vehicle, possibly a Ford Explorer.

Back in October, but was unsuccessful when he pulled out a knife.


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