An Open Letter to Cheryl Atkinson

A Tucker parent has some questions for the county's school superintendent.

Dr. Atkinson,

With the administrative offices of the school district being closed until Jan. 7, will the public have access to the next revised "proposed school organization" plan before the next BOE meeting?

Not having access to the most current revision could make the public comments at the next BOE meeting irrelevant. Also, with the first public information meeting scheduled for Jan. 8, there will be very little time for people to analyze and digest the next revision before being their input is given. 

Based on the "Victory in Every Classroom Newsletter" it looks like public input is not being sought. "In January, DCSD planning staff will revise its briefing to focus the community's understanding on DeKalb's list of schools and minimize any discussion of boundary changes. This list of schools will incorporate the new schools added under the SPLOST IV capital program."  

I believe the parents of children whose schools are going to be closed will want to talk about attendance boundary changes. Will they be allowed?

I have some other questions. The enrollment forecast by school for 2012-2017 is not currently public. Can that information be made public before the Jan. 7 board meeting? Has the June 21, 2012 capacity report generated by MGT of America been verified?  

As I pointed out in my earlier email, there are significant inaccuracies in it. Can the SPLOST IV project list long with project number and project budgets be made public? When is Livsey ES going to be decomissioned? Where is the new charter school going to be?

Thank you very much.

Kirk Lunde

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Guy Midvale December 27, 2012 at 06:07 PM
The construction management company, URS, has a Monthly Status Report on the SPLOT IV page of the DCSD web site. In it is a list of all the SPLOTS IV projects and the budgets. If you find your school in that report, you can get the project number & budget. Then you can go the the SPLOST IV project list and see what work is being done for each project. So, some of the information asked for in this letter has been made public, but you have to dig for it.
Cheryl Miller January 25, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Considering the circumstances, it is a great service that Mr. Lunde is not only asking for specifics related to the school system's plans, but he is making his request public in this forum, so that others might be alerted to what is going on as well. The school administration frequently does the bare minimum to comply (or give the impression that they are in compliance) with public notification policies. Making information difficult to locate or having it spread out across various locations that forces the public to put several things together before being able to see the whole picture are just one of the ways they cause delay and confusion on our end in hopes we will give up trying to understand what they are doing or will not have time to make any formal complaints. We are always operating (on the surface) in the mode of last minute, emergency decision-making that throws the public into chaos and pits them against each other. What concerns me is what might be going on behind the scenes while they send us all scrambling in different directions. I, for one, am very appreciative when parents and others choose to follow this issue as the more "watchdogs" we have asking questions, the harder it makes for the thieves to steal our money and neglect the rights of our kids.


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