As DeKalb Cityhood Drives Heat Up, Decatur Refocuses on Annexation

The city limits of Decatur, outlined in white and the area under consideration for annexation in red.
The city limits of Decatur, outlined in white and the area under consideration for annexation in red.
Decatur needs to reexamine what areas it should annex and incorporate into its city limits.

In a memo to the Decatur City Commission, City Manager Peggy Merriss wrote the city needs to take a second look at its annexation efforts, which had a lot of movement last year in the form of several resolutions.

But those efforts skidded to a halt when the city couldn't get the move sponsored in the state legislature.

Now, with  number of cityhood initiatives all over unincorporated DeKalb — Briarcliff, Lakeside, Tucker and Stonecrest — Merriss said Decatur needs to revisit annexation.

"The question before the City Commission is not if all of northern DeKalb County will be municipalized, but when will that happen," Merriss wrote in her Dec. 12 memo.

"Based on last year's General Assembly session, the environment can shift quickly and the City of Decatur needs to take action to determine its future plans and move forward with those plans before it is too late."

She proposes putting together a budget to cover a formal review and analysis.

"This is an important starting point that should be incorporated into the community-based committee discussions about City Schools enrollments and facilities. We also need to continue discussions with the City of Avondale Estates to assure that each city's plans are consistent," she wrote.

"To that end, we anticipate putting together for your consideration in January 2014, a project budget proposal to include professional demographic, financial, capital planning and market analysis assistance to review and analyze potential annexation options and the impacts on the community. This group could also provide assistance and expertise with the efforts of the community-based committee's work."
RandyRand December 17, 2013 at 07:33 AM
So COBI/Briarcliff in their southern Land Grab has disrespected at least the existing cities of Decatur and Avondale simply to fuel it’s boards ego’s! Yet, they would try and have us all believe they don’t significantly overlap the tuckerites map, but they really do in a big way! Hardly the peaceful co-existence these folks pretend to offer this area. Based on what happened between Chamblee and Brookhaven, what’s next for COBI: legal challenges and border retractions? Would these eventual retractions lead to an infeasible condition? And exactly WHY would the State Legislature want to even consider their contorted encroachment effort in the first place?


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