UPDATE: Proposed City of Lavista Hills Map Surfaces

The map, created by North Druid Hills resident Rhea Johnson, was sent to a Tucker cityhood blog Sunday.

UPDATE [1:53 p.m.]: A map for a proposed City of Lavista Hills that appeared on a Tucker blog Sunday does not represent The North Druid Hills Study Group and is not formally connected to state Sen. Jason Carter, the group's leader said Monday afternoon.

Though the map's creator, North Druid Hills resident Rhea Johnson, has worked with The North Druid Hills Study Group, it does not represent the study group, said Don Broussard, the group's head. Johnson called Patch on Monday afternoon and said he sent the map to the Tucker Initiative blog as part of an ongoing discussion about what the boundaries between a proposed City of Tucker and an adjacent city west of I-285 might look like.

"It was related to the two-city conundrum that we seem to be in," Johnson said.

While he did give the map the Lavista Hills title, he said he does not know if Carter has seen it, and the draft was not meant for public discussion. The draft was discussed within the study group, Broussard said, but it was nixed because it showed too much detail with regard to council districts, and the study group found the map's taxing ideas too controversial and unlikely to gain wide support.

FIRST POST [10:49 a.m.]: A map for a proposed City of Lavista Hills appeared on a Tucker blog over the weekend.

The map, which was posted on The City of Tucker Intiative, was created by local resident Rhea Johnson and The North Druid Hills Study Group, which proposed a City of Briarcliff in March.

The City of Lavista Hills map, which would ideally be attached the cityhood legislation filed by Decatur state Sen. Jason Carter earlier this month, is very similar to the study group's map. But it would also include the Scottdale area and all of North Decatur up to the City of Decatur's boundaries, ensuring Decatur could not stretch its boundaries north.

Other details from the proposed City of Lavista Hills:

  • Estimated population of 92,824
  • Estimated appraised value of $9.7 billion
  • City services: public safety, planning and zoning, parks and recreation

What do you think about the proposed City of Lavista Hills? Tell us in the comments section below.

Georgia April 23, 2013 at 08:43 PM
RWF - looks like ralph copied pasted part of document. There were a bunch of school related questions that are grouped together. Q&A above was copied and pasted, here's complete info from LCA website: Why is Henderson Road the boundary instead of Midvale? By having Midvale the boundary, all Midvale Elementary students would be in Lakeside, not just some of them.  Civic and political leadership in the Tucker areas forced the change of boundary. With regard to school attendance districts, proposed city boundaries and school attendance zones are exclusive of each other. (See section on school‐related questions).
rwf April 23, 2013 at 09:09 PM
OK, those questions, if they are the 'documented comments', then they are not from the Tucker so-called leadership, they are from Patch's very own CM, (rolling my eyes here), and her list of supposed questions that were only meant to confound the LCA. (I must commend the LCA for considering her questions (?) at all.) Regarding the 'civic and political leadership', those conversations were not publicized, and could very easily be one conversation between Millar and the LCA after the Tucker hooligans got themselves all riled up. We really don't know. It's a mystery. The original border basically followed Millar's district line and could just as easily been simply the lack of knowledge of the GIS guy at the state capitol. Tucker has no 'political' leadership to speak of as our legislators are not yet fully engaged, and our civic leaders, who have never been elected by the community at large, are largely drawn from a closed group of maybe one hundred local activists (just a guess). In no way do they speak for all of us, and certainly not for those interested in incorporation. To this point, they are quite determined to pursue their own agenda. If they follow through with raising the funds for the CVI study, I will be duly impressed.
RandyRand April 23, 2013 at 09:24 PM
Once again RWF, I find myself commending your honest and insightful comments here on the Patch. While we don’t always agree, you have always represented the kind of informed person and honest broker the Tucker community really needs. And Tucker would be much better served by engaging you more fully and heeding your counsel. Another cheer for RWF!
Georgia April 23, 2013 at 09:34 PM
GIS mapping at Capitol is by census track, so unless census track runs along natural borders (or man made ones), accounts for funny lines that split streets, etc. I've been involved with the GIS guy there (nor for LCA), they know there stuff. They were deliberate in mapping at GIS office, and met several times to revise, before going public with any map, that's been said at first 2 meetings, at least Tucker has political leadership and it's Elaine/Honey, joined at the hip. I think they may be surprised at reaction, since Honey is still saying that there is no need for a city. By the way, where's the accounting for all the grant money? Would like to have an answer for that. That Q&A list was from comments/questions written by attendees at meeting on 4/18/13 and pre-submitted by email (many from CM, as she posted on Patch, but here were a few others from email). Comment was made at beginning that there were a bunch of long questions by email regarding schools that was not going to be addressed, but would be posted on line. No wonder it took so long for LCA to post them, probably took just as long for them to figure out what CM was asking. They had a stack of cards, probably 45-50 questions, and answered all, some were redundant and they made note of it.
Georgia April 23, 2013 at 09:35 PM
Meant NOT for LCA, not nor for LCA.


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