Decatur Annex Foes Create Website

People in the neighborhood off the northeast corner of Decatur created www.annexmenot.com to collect petition signatures to oppose annexation.

Residents of a neighborhood that might be annexed into Decatur just south of North Decatur Road have created a website to collect signatures on an anti-annexation petition.

Www.annexmenot.com represents people living in the area called B-1 .

The website defines area B-1 as "directly east of the Suburban Plaza shopping center ... and to the south of ."

A petition that opposes annexation needs to be submitted to the city by Nov. 1, the website says.

If an annexation referendum happens, it would be held in November 2013.

The city commission at which it talked about the pros and cons of annexing six areas scattered around the borders of Decatur.

The commission decided to talk to people in the affected areas for a few months and figure out if it wants to move ahead with annexation and, if so, which areas to include.

The city says annexation of all the areas to Decatur, which now has about 19,000 people in four square miles.

The chief argument on www.annexmenot.com is that taxes would increase. The website includes a chart showing what it contends are tax rates before and after annexation.

Here are some previous stories about annexation in Decatur.

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