Decatur Neighborhoods Concerned About Proposed Suburban Plaza Walmart

Though the development would be outside the city limits, the Decatur residents want the developer to know they're worried.

Decatur neighborhoods have gotten together to share worries about the proposed Suburban Plaza Walmart, which would be located just outside the Decatur city limits.

A committee from the Decatur Heights Neighborhood Association met Sunday with representatives from the Springdale Heights, Glennwood Estates, Sycamore Ridge, Sycamore Station and Glenlake Commons neighborhoods.

According to a list of concerns compiled from the meeting, residents are worried about traffic congestion, environmental impact, the spillover of parking into adjacent streets and many other issues that were listed in bullet point form.

"The idea," the summary of the neighborhood meeting said, "is to work with Walmart and Selig rather than against them, and let them know our expectations are high."

No date for a meeting has been announced. with residents of the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association.

Selig Enterprises of Atlana, the developer, wants to build a Walmart as part of the renovation of the aging Suburban Plaza shopping center at North Decatur Road and Church Street. The firm is seeking a parking variance and would like to build an underground parking garage.

According to a Development of Regional Impact statement filed by DeKalb County, the project calls for the "Demolition of approximately 144,000 sf of existing commercial space and the addition of 149,000 sf for a new total shopping center square footage of 324,614 sf."

Tom Doolittle January 19, 2012 at 03:33 AM
Was SuburbanPlaza in the area that was proposed for annexation by City of Decatur? The City doesn't wait for LCIs--and it coordinates planning with economic development functions--and its foward thinking. Higher taxes than DeKalb, but maybe you get what you pay for. At some point, the residents in the area may actually ASK for annexation.
Stephen Decatur January 19, 2012 at 03:29 PM
Not exactly. Decatur's forward thinking may pre-date the LCI program but today the entire city is an LCI project district. The 2002 Avondale Marta station visioning process was made possible by LCI money, as was a significant portion of the city's recent 10 year strategic plan. Most of the city's big projects have been funded or partially funded through grants and other outside sources. Decatur just happens to be very effective at securing them.
Tom Doolittle January 19, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Stephen: Thanks for the clarification. My main point is that in terms of planning something desirable and bearing on public input, these folks would be better served by the city than the county. So was thiis part of the area that was proposed to be annexed?
~ HHS ~ February 08, 2012 at 02:56 AM
I cannot believe that I just read that someone said, "make it a greenspace"! Wow! I think everyone on this site that agrees with that statement should donate their OWN land/investment and just make their home a nice green park--Agreed?? In fact, I think we should demolish all of DeKalb and build log cabins, ride horses and plant fields of daisies. Sure you want to protect your investment in your home. But, you don't think that other land owners have investment in their properties too? SP used to have a huge Belk store, Learners and other large retail shops. From someone who has been going to the shopping center for 48 years, I have seen it with a FULL parking lot in the 70's. The area could handle a full parking in the past... was zoned for large retail stores in the past.. So--with all the vacant car lots and other shopping areas around, redevelopment of the area should not be an issue. As for Wal-Mart being the factor in Memorial Drive and Colombia Drive--those areas were already so far gone, it was too late. I seriously doubt Wal-Mart can change much about this area either at this point--except improve the shopping center. Have you looked down Buford Hwy lately??? Do you not see the Pink Pony? The liquor stores? Police Station? The bars on the windows of the gas stations? For God's sake-Have you gone to the Wal-Mart in Brookhaven, Alpharetta, Sydney Marcus and other affluent areas? Wal-Mart and all of the surrounding neighborhoods are thriving. Just Saying.
CJM August 07, 2012 at 11:33 PM
David S. must work for Selig. Or Walmart.


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