DeKalb Delegation to Hold Public Cityhood Meeting Next Month

Members of the county delegation will hold the meeting at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church on May 6.

Members of DeKalb County's legislative delegation will hold a town hall meeting on growing cityhood efforts countywide next month.

The meeting will be held at Clairmont Hills Baptist Church on Monday, May 6 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., according to Decatur state Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, who sent an email to supporters Wednesday morning.

The meeting will cover the process of creating new cities, associated tax implications and alternatives to cityhood, Oliver said. 

As it stands, bills have been filed to potentially support new cities in Tucker, the Lakeside High School area, the Druid Hills-Briarcliff area and Stonecrest. In her email, Oliver listed all the related bills filed this year:

HB 22---Primary Sponsor Mary Margaret Oliver.  HB 22 sets out additional procedures and enhanced financial requirements for creation of new cities.

HB 619—Primary Sponsor Mary Margaret Oliver.  HB 619 passed in 2013 and allows an area in unincorporated DeKalb that adjoins Chamblee to vote to be annexed into Chamblee

HB 665—Primary Sponsor Mary Margaret Oliver.  HB 665 is a placemholder bill to create new city of Briarcliff/Druid Hills.

HB 677—Primary Sponsor Billy Mitchell.  HB 677 would create a new city of Tucker.

HB 687---Primary Sponsor Pam Stephenson.  HB 687 limits the ability to annex new areas to existing cities by geography.

SB 270—Primary Sponsor Fran Millar.  SB 270 would create city of Lakeside

SB 275—Primary Sponsor Jason Carter.  SB 275 would create new city of LaVista Hills.

SB 278---Primary Sponsor Ron Ramsey.  SB 278 would create new city of Stonecrest.

The meeting will be attended almost entirely by Democratic state representatives, including Oliver, Bill Mitchell, Pam Stephenson, Michele Henson and Scott Holcomb. Democratic state Sens. Ron Ramsey and Jason Carter will also be there as will Republican state Sen. Fran Millar.

For more information on cityhood efforts throughout our area.

Tom Doolittle April 26, 2013 at 08:02 PM
RR: Sounds like your town might have been in California. Check out Cali's way of handling incorporation of new cities. http://www.calafco.org/ "When residents of a certain area within California containing 500 or more people wish to incorporate their own municipality, they can go through one of two steps. The first method is a resolution for city incorporation by a government body which currently oversees the area in some form or another, either a city, county or other district providing a certain service like schools or other infrastructure resources. The second method is a petition signed by 20 percent of the people within the area that wishes to be incorporated into a new municipality."
RandyRand April 26, 2013 at 08:32 PM
No California models please! It is a political disaster area, conflicted in so many ways, so many conterproductive ways, it is also a fine example of over the top wrongheaded do-gooding. I would welcome the resource rich but polically bankrupt California models only as Bad Examples! I am talking about Southern Oregon, the place Californians have been moving to and regretibly bringing these same BS political schemes with them. Parts of Oregon have gone beyond crazy now with radical land use and planning commisions controlling every aspect of life. When I lived in Oregon we had a "Enjoy your visit, but please don't stay" sign at every state border. The Oregonians I left behind should have built a fence!
Tom Doolittle April 26, 2013 at 11:55 PM
RR: I don't see anything "left coast" in these rules. However, I actually knew you'd politicize this. That's how I know you're not serious and just entertaining. I'll find another state you can generalize about.
Tom Doolittle April 26, 2013 at 11:58 PM
I wonder what they're doing in Montana. I'll check.
RandyRand April 27, 2013 at 12:31 AM
Tom, I am sure that the rules you mention and the site you provided are more than informative. But what I know through direct first hand experience, is that these rules and guidelines must be applied on top of the existing dysfunctional network of state, county and commissions, laws and rules. That is the political reality. And it would be entertaining, in fact a comedy if it weren't so true for those folks.


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