Forum Focuses on DeKalb Cityhood

AJC page features statements from the interim DeKalb CEO, Lakeside City Alliance, City of Briarcliff Initiative and Tucker 2014.

While readers continually discuss the merits of new DeKalb cities here on Patch, it's always good to see discussion elsewhere.

Thanks to alert reader rwf, we see that ajc.com's Atlanta Forward feature is focused on DeKalb cityhood.

Atlanta Forward provides perspectives from DeKalb interim CEO Lee May, the Lakeside City Alliance's chairman Mary Kay Woodworth and co-chairman Kevin Levitas, City of Briarcliff president Allen Venet and Tucker 2014 president Sonia Szubski.

The page, appropriately titled "Cityhood rages in DeKalb," is especially helpful for residents not already acquainted with the subject.

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Frank JR January 03, 2014 at 02:31 PM
A response to Mr. May's comments on cityhood as published in the AJC "That's not fair", -Lee May speaking to Cityhood movements and those who will be "left behind". Let me tell you what is not fair here in Dekalb County Mr. Interim CEO. It was not "fair" of you to borrow and not pay back $850K (Among Commissioner Lee May’s debts: a $35,000 loan from the DeKalb Enterprise Business Corporation, a nonprofit affiliated with the county that makes small business loans. Records show May paid just $8,500 of that money back before defaulting), when your gamble in business did not pay off. That was real money, from real people that you used and failed to pay back. Is this your example of leadership and fiscal discipline? It's not fair- DeKalb’s first black CEO when elected in 2000, orchestrated a scheme to replace three top white managers in the parks department with blacks. The case has been long and costly, with DeKalb spending more than $2.5 million in attorney fees for its defense. It is not fair that we pay annually into a corrupt county tax system that delivers a 58% graduation rate from our public high schools, while the likes of Pope, Reid and Lewis padded their wallets with our money. (Mr. Lewis, I'd do the 12 mos if I were you.) It is not fair that our property and community values suffer due to the incompetence of an inept school board resulting in the possible loss of accreditation. It is not fair that the resulting new superintendent and school board are seemingly as incompetent and inept as the members they replaced (as evidenced by their voting down the Druid Hills School Cluster). It is not fair that our citizens and tax dollars should be subjected to a litany of new indictments and allegations of corruption within the county government, including a grand jury recommended investigation of bid rigging, kickbacks, perjury and interfering with the selection of vendors. It is not fair that pension obligations are underfunded to begin with. This too is simply mismanagement. So please don't start whining about how your obligations are someone else's problem. (See item one, your personal financial woes.) It is not fair that Dekalb Police officers are clearly over extended, over worked and underpaid. Crime statistics continue to rise. Your answer to that problem was to promote Chief Alexander to a newly formed position as Deputy Chief Operating Officer in charge of Public Safety, a position you publicly called, "a waste of money and a job that was too easily politicized". It is not fair that I have to alarm my house, steering wheel lock my vehicles, have a German Shepherd, and arm myself to protect my family and property here in Dekalb County. And I live in "the good part" of the County. For well over a decade you and your predecessors failed to keep Dekalb's house in order. This is why the movement for new cities in Dekalb is strong, warranted and very, very fair.
Rhea A Johnson Jr January 03, 2014 at 03:48 PM
Please note that creation of the City of Brookhaven and the recent annexation by Chamblee have created NO financial hardship for DeKalb County. Three years of tax fund budgets show 2012-559M; 2013 - 560M; and 2014(just released) 561M. All balanced budgets with increasing surpluses!
Enuff Govt Already January 03, 2014 at 04:57 PM
Frank, You've discovered that politicians need to be watched and shouldnt be blindly trusted? That is why we don't need to create more politicians and more govt opportunities for them. The problems you've highlighted exist in big and small govts and in new and existing govts. More govt is not the answer.
newsydon January 04, 2014 at 09:48 AM
frank -- right on! this fairness stuff is for the birds. for him the only fair result is when he gets everything he wants. sounds a little like lakeside.


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