New Decatur Mayor Doesn't See Annexation in City's Future

Jim Baskett said he doesn't see a lot of enthusiasm for the North Decatur annexation.

My neighboring colleague at Decatur-Avondale Estates Patch posted last week the first part of his interview with new Decatur Mayor Jim Baskett. It's worth a full read, but I wanted to give you a portion that dealt particularly with the city's annexation plans in North Decatur.

Baskett isn't thrilled with them.

From the interview:

Do you think the annexation the city commission approved will ever become a reality?

Honestly, I can’t see how. … I’m going to sit down with Bill [Floyd] and talk more about this because Bill has been the spearhead on this and he’s the one who’s had the relationships and he’s the one whose talked to so many people. If Bill has some way to convince me that we can make it a reality, I want to listen to that.

But honestly it’s really hard right now. We don’t have somebody in the legislature to champion it, to carry the bill for us. I’ve talked to some legislators about it and haven’t had any expression of enthusiasm from them. I’ve spoken to Burrell Ellis and of course there’s not going to be any enthusiasm for it from the county.

Read the full interview for more information.

Here's some additional coverage on North Druid Hills-Briarcliff Patch:

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  • Decatur Manager: City Can Annex Without Referendum
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