News Nearby: LifeLine May Run DeKalb Animal Shelter

LifeLine Animal Project has already secured the contract to run the Fulton County shelter and is the only bidder for the DeKalb shelter.

LifeLine Animal Project, a private no-kill animal shelter based in Avondale Estates, is rapidly expanding.

LifeLine already obtained the contract to operate the Fulton County shelter and is seeking the contract to run the DeKalb County shelter. Both have been criticized for high euthanasia rates and conditions.

Rebecca Guinn, Lifeline executive director, hopes to change that.

"It's our goal to move both toward no-kill," Guinn said, "but that's not something that can happen overnight."

Guinn said LifeLine was the only bidder to run the DeKalb animal shelter, where LifeLine already provides veterinarian services.

The DeKalb Board of Commissioners meets Tuesday but it's unclear if the board will make a decision then.

"DeKalb has not outsourced before," she said. "This will be a big change for them."

LifeLine got the Fulton County contract late last month. According to the Neighbor Newspapers, LifeLine and the Siwell Group bid for the contract that's been held by Barking Hound.

The contract is for $2.4 million the first year, with an option to renew over the next four years, Guinn said.

The Neighbor story said the Fulton commissioners voted for LifeLine despite the nonprofit having "negative working capital, which means a company’s assets cannot pay off its short-term liabilities."

LifeLine has 28 people on staff and has posted job openings on its website.

"We really felt that someone needed to step up," she said. "We felt there was a job to be done for the animals."

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