Overhaul Planned for Trestletree Village Apartments

City to discuss issuance of $15.6 million issuance of bonds.

One of the longstanding — and hoped-for — redevelopment rumors in Southeast Atlanta has been an overhaul of Trestletree Village.

The apartment complexes — there's Trestletree North at 794 Ormewood Ave. SE in Grant Park and Trestletree South at 904 Confederate Court SE in Ormewood Park — have long been the ire of the two neighborhoods.

But a Denver-based, multifamily housing developer with a niche in low-income and Section 8 properties, wants to overhaul the 188-unit Trestletree Village properties.

And to do that makeover, Community Housing Concepts Inc., which has properties in Cuthbert, Ga., Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky and a handful of other states, is seeking the city's help.

On Thursday, Invest Atlanta, the city's economic development arm, will meet to discuss the Community Housing Concepts project, and the Urban Residential Finance Authority proposal to issue up to $15.6 million in bonds to put toward it.

The money would be used to offset the total cost that is expected to be associated with the project, which Community Housing Concepts pegs at $22.8 million.

That price tag includes acquisition, setting aside funds for an operating reserve and other expenses.

Construction, which would start sometime next year, would take 12 months to complete.

What will happen to the current residents during the refurbishing is not immediately clear, but the properties are to remain low-income rentals when complete.

Homeowners near the two Trestletree Village complexes have complained they're hotbeds of criminal activity.

Earlier this year, for example, there was a shootout at the Ormewood Park complex — believed to be over a dice game — in which two rival groups shot at each other. A woman ended up being grazed by a bullet.

And the Grant Park neighborhood, in response to that shooting as well other crimes, formed its own neighborhood watch to be more proactive.

Representatives from both neighborhoods, have met with Trestletree Village management over the years, as well as Atlanta City Councilwoman Carla Smith, whose District 1 includes Grant Park and Ormewood Park, to express their concerns.

In fact, Smith held a meeting earlier this year with Maj. Keith Meadows, commander of the Atlanta Police Department's Zone 6 and Trestletree management to discuss how to mitigate neighbors' concerns.

A F January 15, 2013 at 08:57 PM
DJS April 28, 2013 at 04:00 AM
What a waste of money. I have a townhome on the other side of the Beltline from this slum. Dressing it up will make no difference in the amount of crime that comes out of that place. They should tear it down. I am so sick of the nightly gun shots and monthly break-ins.
DJS April 28, 2013 at 04:04 AM
Well I live next to this place and it's a crime ridden hell hole. Nightly gun shots, monthly break-ins, and the kids yell racist comments at me when I am on my deck. So you can take your bleeding heart and stuff it. Unless you live next to it and are ok with the crime leave you ignorant opinions to yourself.
Tickner May 04, 2013 at 10:36 AM
All of the comments regarding the ideal use for this space -- truly mixed-income housing -- are spot on. Look at East Lake. It's now a national model. With the location here there are similar possibilities. One commenter raises the legitimate point that "mixed income" sometimes means too little low-income housing. But there are safeguards that can address this - again, East Lake is a good example: Build a Y, or some kind of community center, invest in the school (Parkside), and you will get a truly ideal experience for everyone involved.
teresa May 17, 2013 at 07:25 PM
You all don't know anything but to judge others.I live in Trestletree village apts and i do not break any laws.Just because we are not wealthy as some of you does not give you all a reason to judge and talk down on others.Everyone who lives in trestletree are not bad ppl i,I am a student at atlanta technical college & im actually doing something with my life.I may live in a project but im young and didn't come from much but guess what i have goals.I keep quiet and never cause problems so you can't make everyone out to be bad ppl because of what others do.No i don't agree with the remodeling because its clearly not goinf to change anything ,but I will not let you all talk down on me because i am apart of what you all call it a " slumlord".But i am not a bad person im young trying too make it out and trust me I will.You home owners near by aren't so innocent yourselves because you all cause commotion to.So before you come off judging because were not as forturnate as you look at yourself to.& by the way trestletree village want be going anywhere because its a historic landmark ,so maybe you all should just leave since it bothers you so much!!!


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