Scott Holcomb Supports Ban on Lobbyist Gifts

The state representative from Tucker says reform is long overdue.

Representative Scott Holcomb, a Democrat whose district includes Tucker, has announced his support for Republican House Speaker David Ralston’s pledge to end the practice of legislators accepting gifts from lobbyists.
“I am pleased that the Speaker has expressed his commitment to change the way business is done in the Georgia General Assembly. The people of Georgia spoke very clearly on July 31st and Republicans and Democrats agreed on the need for reform," Holcomb said in a statement.

Speaker Ralston has promised to convene a study group to examine the way other states deal with the problem.

"The amount of money that lobbyists spend on elected officials is simply astonishing," Holcomb added. "I would like to see the law ban overseas trips, weekend getaways to fancy resorts, golf outings, sports tickets, and even meals. As any economist will tell you, there’s no such thing as a free lunch."

Holcomb does not want to limit the scope of the ban. "The law must cast the net widely, beyond just the legislators. The Governor, who will sign the law, needs to be covered by the ban, as well as state-wide elected officials and state employees,” he said.


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