Sen. Millar: Only Lakeside Cityhood Bill Will Move Forward

The Dunwoody state senator said other cityhood bills in DeKalb County will likely fall to the wayside.

The only cityhood bill out of DeKalb County with any chance of moving seriously toward the creation of a new municipality here is the Lakeside City Alliance's bill, state Sen. Fran Millar said last week.

The Dunwoody legislator told Reporter Newspapers that bills that have led to new cities in the metro Atlanta area over the last several years have been mostly Republican-led, and the alliance's bill is likely to be the only serious cityhood contender.

From the Reporter Newspapers story published Friday:

Millar, who sponsored the Lakeside bill, said he doesn’t expect any serious cityhood efforts will come out of the flurry of last-minute placeholder bills.

“Do I think some of these bills are going to be going anywhere? Absolutely not,” Millar said. “I think the only one that will go anywhere — if they can raise the money — is the city of Lakeside.”

Millar noted that the creation of new cities has been a partisan issue in the past, with the bills to create cities in the metro Atlanta area led almost exclusively by Republican lawmakers. But this year, all of the last-minute incorporation bills were sponsored by Democrats.

“All the Democrats have done for the last couple years is complain about the growth of cities, and now you’ve got five bills filed by Democrats for cities,” Millar said.

Read the full story for more information.

Several legislators have submitted bills that could lead the path toward other cities in DeKalb County. Here are several stories about those efforts:

  • Carter Files 'City of Lavista Hills' Bill
  • Cityhood Bill Filed for Tucker
  • Lakeside Alliance Files Cityhood Bill

For more information about cityhood in our community.

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Tom Doolittle April 09, 2013 at 02:36 PM
The requirement that a particular university group do the study is loaded with political and influence problems--let alone competency and scope questions. For such an important matter (pls consider the grave long-term ramifications), there either should be second and third professional opinions (at least one from an organization outside of Georgia), but absent from that--peer review--AND take comments from affected citizenry with rules for public review, such as occurs with Federal rules proposals. Moreover--the "lite" and short-term nature of the "Vinson" requires follow-thru after a city is established (say three years, five years, ten years) to either prove they were correct, explain why conditions have changed results in the case of a city being formed--or in the case of a city not being formed--an update that might make another pass at it. The issue is a civic organizations need for building trust and relevance with a local community when it has no history. It relates to the credibility of the city-making process and potential conflict even if a "yes" vote is accomplished. Brookhaven is awash in civil conflict and it simply will persist for a host of manipulative reasons. LCA is in a position to do a more thorough and even evolutionary job--in fact play an evolutionary role showing how city-making should be accomplished in Georgia. This includes processes which in fact make the shortcomings of current rules very clear.
Anita April 09, 2013 at 08:04 PM
oh my goodness! Is anyone getting their work done during the day, or have smart phones & technology totally taken over? lol!
William Fulcrum April 09, 2013 at 11:22 PM
John: I also am an Oak Grove resident but it has been only recently have I seen the first police car in months - literally. I think their recent appearance is coincidental to the issue raised by the LCA meetings and particularly after Lee May showed up at the Briarlake BC meeting admitting that more police would help the recent spate of car break-ins in Amberwood and Breckinridge. Is it just a coincidence also that the new police chief's first public appearance was in Oak Grove last week?
RandyRand April 10, 2013 at 01:09 PM
Millar is simply presenting the current reality. Consider this quote from today's AJC: “Bringing in a new layer of government, just so you have someone closer to fuss at, I don’t know if people think it’s worth the fight,” said Honey Van de Kreke, a Tucker businesswoman. Does this sound like the tucker area will make a move forward on Cityhood to you? NOPE!


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