Tourney Director Slams Conditions at Mason Mill's Tennis Center

Pat Cunningham Devoto, director of the Southern Cities Championship, said the center's bathrooms and showers are unusable.

The in is mostly great – except for the bathrooms and shows, said a recent tournament director and former manger of the center.

In fact, they're abysmal, he said. A maybe a health hazard.

Those words came from Pat Cunningham Devoto, tournament director of the Southern Cities Championship, a Southeastern regional women's tennis event, that was this month held at the tennis center.

Devoto, a Decatur resident, included Patch in an email he sent to county officials regarding the conditions of the center's bathrooms and showers, which he declared unusable.

Here is the email in its entirety:

Dear Commissioners,

I am a long time resident of Dekalb County. This past weekend, I was tournament director for an out-of- state ladies charity tennis tournament with play at Dekalb and Blackburn tennis centers. Over 150 women used our local hotel (Marriott Century Center), ate in our area restaurants and generally had a fun time - good business for Dekalb.

While I am aware that the Dekalb Tennis Pyramid is well know and the players certainly enjoyed it, they were loathed to even go in the bathroom and certainly had no idea of using the shower facilities - pictured below. I know - having managed Dekalb Tennis Center for a short time, some 25 years ago - that plumbing has from time to time been an issue, but I also know it is fixable and needs to be attended to. I was embarrassed to say I was a taxpayer and this was the result. While we would love to bring this event back to Dekalb next year - and so would the hotel - I don't relish players telling me they would wait to go to the bathroom until they got back to the hotel - especially women players.

Not only is it unsightly, it most probably is a health hazard.

Having said this, I will tell you that the rest of Mason Mill Park looks great. But the restrooms and the general appearance of the top of the pyramid are not, NOT, up to Dekalb standards and that's a shame given that the Dekalb pyramid is well known in the tennis world and constantly in use. I would call upon you to see if you might correct the matter. And I would be happy to help in anyway possible.


Pat Cunningham Devoto,
Tournament Director, Southern Cities Championship

Tammy August 28, 2012 at 07:44 PM
Once we finish building Burrell's boxcar derby track we'll see if there are any surplus funds left over to renovate anything. Don't hold your breath though.


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