Tucker 2014 Meets with Chamblee-Tucker Area Residents

Neighborhoods at meeting are included in the proposed Tucker and Lakeside cityhood maps.

Michelle Penkava, left, and Sonja Szubski of Tucker 2014. Patch file photo: Kevin Madigan
Michelle Penkava, left, and Sonja Szubski of Tucker 2014. Patch file photo: Kevin Madigan
Editor's note: Tucker 2014, the group leading discussions about the possibility for a new city of Tucker, released a statement on their Facebook page and website with the latest information on their cityhood effort. Their meeting this week was with neighborhoods included in both the proposed Tucker map and one from the Lakeside City Alliance.

Patch was unable to attend their meeting. In order to present all sides in the DeKalb cityhood discussion, we are reprinting their statement:

Residents from neighborhoods along the Chamblee-Tucker Road corridor engaged in constructive dialogue during a December 2nd forum aimed at educating property owners on various cityhood initiatives impacting their area.

Held in Tucker less than three miles from Main Street, the meeting attracted dozens of residents from the close-knit neighborhoods that are currently included in both the proposed City of Tucker map, as well as the map developed by members of the Oak Grove community for the proposed City of Lakeside.

During neighbor-to-neighbor roundtable discussions, concerns were allayed about a purported change in school districts for the impacted neighborhoods if cityhood initiatives are successful. Clarification was provided on the fact that school districts are solely governed and defined by the Board of Education, and not by municipal jurisdictions such as a new city.

Several attendees voiced support for preserving the long-standing Tucker community, and encouraged leaders to work together in resolving the boundary dispute that would forever carve up their neighborhoods.

Tucker 2014 leaders responded that the group is “pro Tucker, not ‘anti’ other cities,” and that discussions with other cityhood initiatives have been ongoing in an effort to resolve boundary issues locally rather than have decisions made for the community at the state level.

“We’re supportive of any cityhood initiative that is mutually respectful of long-time community relationships and assets.” said Tucker 2014 President Sonja Szubski, “We welcome the opportunity for continued dialogue and remain open to constructive solutions.”

Attendees also asked if the timing of state-mandated Feasibility Study findings gives one cityhood initiative an advantage over other cityhood efforts. Szubski said the short answer is no, indicating that the legislature will consider all of the Feasibility Studies when it convenes in January.

“The fact is that Tucker has proven its sustainability for more than 120 years,” said Szubski. “The Feasibility Study findings will simply provide an additional data point in support of Tucker’s viability.”

Tucker 2014 leaders are confident the State Legislature will be receptive in granting Tucker citizens the right to vote to preserve a well-established community.

“The majority of state legislators themselves come from small towns across Georgia,” Szubski said. “They understand the value of a place where generations of families have raised their kids, and the passion folks have for preserving their neighborhoods for years to come.”


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