Want to Stay Up on Local Development?

DeKalb County District 2's Community Council meets next week in Mason Mill Center.

If you want to stay up on development, particularly development that requires changes to zoning, for instance, you might want to swing by next week.

DeKalb County District 2's Community Council will meet at the center at 1340-B McConnell Dr. on June 20 to to review applications for land use ammendments and zoning applications such as special land use permits, rezones and ammendments to zoning ordinance.

Each county district has a Community Council, and they meet every other month provided there are new applications. The District 2 meeting begins at 6:30pm.

For those of you in District 1, that meeting will be held at 6:30pm June 19 at Chamblee Library, 4115 Clairmont Rd.


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