International Community School Launches Student Voting Rally

The school's fourth graders held the voting rally Oct. 9 at the Medlock charter school.

The International Community School students held a rally outside their school to encourage unregistered citizens to register to vote on the very last day of voter registration on Oct. 09.

Fourth grade students at the Medlock school are taking the right of citizens to vote freely in elections very seriously. In fact, two days after the rally, they turned advocacy into action by conducting a special school election. Three questions were on the ballot, all of great interest to the student body:

  • Do you prefer cold or hot lunches?
  • Would you prefer to be seated by grade or by homeroom at lunch?
  • Do you prefer white milk or chocolate milk?

When a member of the school's staff stopped by to see what was happening, fourth grade poll worker Joshua Dawkins was quick to explain that the "real" election will be taking place in November.

This story was provided by the International Community School.


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