Lakeside High Needs Plant Donations, Ping Pong Tables

The school is planning its upcoming landscaping, and the gym needs ping pong tables.

Lakeside High School's PTSA sent a call out Monday for plants to be donated to its upcoming landscaping efforts.

From an email to members:

The Lakeside Buildings and Grounds Committee is busy planning for our spring planting.  We are currently seeking donations of transplants from your home landscapes: hostas, pachysandra, day lilies, liriopi (aka monkey grass), Lenten roses, iris, herbs, or fountain grass for example.  Oh, and medium sized decorative boulders would be cool too!  We will accept donations on our monthly campus work days, or we can make arrangements to pick-up. Please e-mail us at lakesidecleanandgreen@gmail.com to make a donation anytime for Spring planting.

Also, for the few of you who have ping pong tables decomposing uselessly somewhere:

The Physical Education Department is seeking ping pong tables for a unit in Physical Education.  If you have a ping pong table you no longer want, please contact Coach Newmyer.  You may call the Main Office (678-874-6702) and leave a message on her voicemail.


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