Lakeside Principal Warns About Student Safety at Football Games

Joe Reed said some students at Friday's football game felt crushed and worried about other students who they thought were drinking before the game.

Lakeside High School Principal Joe Reed sent this out Thursday, warning students about safety at Vikings football games. He's also instituting some changes. Read on, courtesy of the school's PTSA:

Dear Parents,
The administrative staff, coaches and team appreciate all of the spirited support our students show at the football games. It's exciting to see all of school spirit at Lakeside. We are concerned, however, with making sure our students in "the Pit" are safe. Last Friday night, at the Homecoming game, there were several students who felt crushed by those behind them. Additionally, a few of the students at the game expressed concerns that some of their fellow students may have been drinking before the game.

In response to these concerns for student safety, we requested that the drum line not perform their 3rd quarter show. While it is unfair to penalize the band or the majority of the well-behaved students in attendance for the actions of the few, we are obligated to protect the safety and well-being of ALL the students of Lakeside. In order to ensure this will not be an issue at future games, we are making these changes in our expectations for students at stadium events.

Students will not be allowed to stand in the bottom row against the front wall. This needs to be a passageway for all spectators. Students who appear to be under the influence, or are being disruptive in any way, will be removed from the stadium and questioned by the police at the game. Pending the results of that discussion, parents may be contacted and/or the student may be transported to the DeKalb County intake facility. This is not our preference and we hate making that call, but will if we must.

We are excited by the spirit and excitement students demonstrate at our Lakeside events. We want, however, everyone to have a good time and arrive home safely. We will not let a few individuals who are unable to follow the rules and state laws ruin the evening for the entire Lakeside family. We ask for your support in communicating these behavior expectations to your students for the safety and comfort of all.


Joe P. Reed


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