Sophia Academy Students Celebrate Grandparents Day

The day was held in conjunction with the yearly "Sophia Summit."

The students of Sophia Academy celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday, October 19, in conjunction with a school-wide presentation titled “Sophia Summit.”

For two weeks, the school participated in a cross-curricular, cross-grade level focus on the subject of social studies. Grandparents and special friends attended the culminating event of the study — “Sophia Summit.” It was an event complete with skits, songs, debates and creative movies ranging from a Revolutionary War wax museum to an Inuit weather report to a re-enactment of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. 

The event coincided perfectly with Grandparents Day, delighting grandparents and special friends as well as the students who were eager to show off their hard work and new knowledge. In addition to the presentation, grandparents and special friends took in a catered lunch from Atlanta Bread Company and heard from Founding Director and Principal Marie Corrigan.


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